Artime 58, High Street, Hanham, Bristol. BS15 3DR

Artime is the gallery, studio and workshop for artist Vincent Michael Brown.
Vincent is a professional multi award winning artist with work in the national collection who has featured in some of the most prestigious exhibitions in the world including The BP Portrait Award.
The Artime gallery exhibits personally selected artists along with Vincents own works.

Artime is managed by Vincent and his wife Liana and offers art tuition for all abilities including experienced artists as well as people with learning difficulties.
Artime also run weekly art therapy classes for elderly dementure sufferers.
Liana and Vincent would like for Artime to be an open studio where people can walk in to watch Vincent painting and would like to be seen as an artistic hub connecting creative people in the local community.

Liana & Vincent Brown


Mon 10am - 5pm
Tue 10am - 2pm & 6pm - 8pm
Wed 10am - 2pm
Thu 10am - 5pm & 6pm - 8pm
Fri 10am - 5pm
Sat 10am - 5pm
Sunday Closed

2019 Peoples Choice Award Winner Harrison Savage

2019 Student Exhibition

Artist Talk by Toni Cogdel


Vincent Brown - Toni Cogdell - David Cox - Brad Davis - Brian Elwell - Chris Hibbard
Lynne Holehouse - Fran McGarry - Mike Smith - Jessie Woodward

Vincent Brown

Vincent is a Bristol based artist and co-founder of Artime. His paintings have been selected for many of the country's most prestigious exhibitions including The Hunting Art Prizes, The BP Portrait Award & The Royal Society of Portrait Painters. His work has won many prizes including the largest prize in the south west of England, The Holburne Portrait Prize. Winner of the Best Painting award at The Royal West of England Academy of Art and twice invited artist at The Royal Society of Portrait Painters. His work is in several museums and his commissions include Sir Simon and & Lady Caroline Bowes-Lyon and multiple academy award winning directors Nick Park CBE, Peter Lord CBE and David Sproxton CBE.

'My complete love for all things art has driven my ambition to open Artime with my wife of almost twenty years, Liana. Over my many years as a professional painter, I have been blessed to exhibit and become friends with so many exceptionally talented artists. It is our vision for Artime to have a constantly evolving gallery where we can show beautiful work and teach art to others.'
- Vincent Brown

Toni Cogdell

As flickers of starlight in a constellation of living bodies, the figures in my paintings are solitary, but not alone. The inward moment they are captured in; their form fusing with paint, marks and textures, acts as a portal to spaces behind knowledge, a sensory sea of feeling, a self beneath our belief of the self. Us, simultaneously set in consciousness and clay.

Symbolised in paint are the comforting and familiar objects which reveal themselves through the haze of daily life. A repetition of natural reminders cutting through a technology-driven Age. The horizon in your periphery as you travel. The tree you see every morning unrewardingly standing as the backbone to your inner monologue. City lights floating on water at night, flowers scattered like fallen stars on the land, silhouettes of hills behind buildings, birds, blossom, branches; our own personal talismans of nature and living. Motifs and markers that guide us subliminally.

And like the movement of migrating birds we connect. Our dreams and designs launching into the cosmos, gravitating towards kin, leaving invisible threads with which to weave a life.

These themes are the crux of my work, meandering across the territory of the Human Condition, exploring the constant dialogue, contrasts and tensions between the lives we lead and the lives we feel, our outer and inner worlds, the spaces between the parts. Exploring our individuation as well as our innate connections to nature, time and ultimately to each other. Telling the story of us from the inside out, through painting. Somewhere between a wish and a call to arms.


- Longlist for Anthology 2017 at Charlie Smith, London July 2017
- Shortlisted for Black Swan Solo Prize, Black Swan Open, Frome, Dec-Jan 2014/15
- 2010 RWA Friends Selectors Choice 2D prize winner, RWA, Bristol Dec 2010
- Shortlist for 2006 Holburne Portrait Prize, Bath
- Regional Shortlist (Big Art Challenge), Channel Five, Nov 2004.
- Emerging Artist Award, Venue Magazine / RWA, Dec 2003.
- Finalist Exhibition of Daily Mail's (Not The Turner Prize), June 2003.

David Cox

David Cox is a Bradford on Avon artist inspired by Dub Music (a subgenre of Reggae consisting of predominantly instrumental remixes of existing Reggae recordings). Educated at Bath Art School during the height of the British Pop Art era. His work is collected by many celebrities including Peter Gabriel and Robert Redford.

'A mutual patron of both our work commissioned me to paint David's Portrait back in 2009. I had seen some of his art in their collection and had already fallen for its charm and was keen to meet the artist. It is a rare thing to find such a distinct style as and I believe passionately that David Cox is the most underrated artist I have ever known who will eventually in time be regarded in the ranks of David Hockney and Peter Blake, where he most definitely belongs.'
- Vincent Brown

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is an American expressionist painter who explores themes closet to his heart, most often the environment. His works are bold, brash and reflect the passion he holds for his subjects. His work often repeats versions of the same images but each time as an original piece with constantly changing colours and brush strokes. Influences of fauvism, post impressionism and even action painting are often evident.

'Brad and myself met in 2004 and immediately liked him. His work doesn't pull any punches and is as honest and foreword as it can be. He paints how he feels about what he feels and I don't think there can be any art closer to the truth than this. Very successful and extremely sought after, we are honoured to have Brad accept his invitation to exhibit with our gallery.'
- Vincent Brown

Brian Elwell

Brian Elwell (born 1938) is a Bath based artist. He is a winner of the Leverhulme Travelling Scholarship, the Biddulph Drawing Scholarship and the Limner Self Portrait Prize. Brian has built his incredible reputation with his stunning cityscape paintings. In 2009 his collection of celebrity portraits from life were produced into a popular book 'Meetings with remarkable people' and includes actors Sir Derek Jacobi and Stephanie Cole.

Leverhulme Travelling Sholarship 1961-62
Biddulph Drawing Scolarship 1960
Self Portrait Prize - Limner Gallery 2009

Formerly employed at Southampton Institute as a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art teaching fine art students and as Head of Foundation Studies until 1987. Left to study at Wimbledon School of Art for a Higher Diploma in Printmaking.

National Diploma in Design 1959 -60
Chelsea Diploma in Fine Art 1960-61
Leverhulme Travelling Scholarship 1961-2
Master of Arts - Birmingham Polytechnic 1981-2
Higher Diploma in Printmaking - Wimbledon School of Art 1987-88


'I ceased painting in 1975 for a variety of reasons, not least because of too much cerebral activity regarding the work I was doing. Art school had developed my technical ability, but had made me incessantly question the activity I was engaged in. Too often, working on a painting led to the question “Why?” — so it seemed easier to stop.

I taught for nearly thirty years, during that time I continued to draw, often attending a life class. Drawing appealed to me because of its immediacy, which overrode the consideration of “Why?”. Bonnard stated that drawing was sensation, painting reasoning. I also continued to etch, etching being my printing choice at art school and I had always enjoyed the process. Etching, on occasion, enabled me to develop or extend a drawing.

When I finished teaching I started to paint again, working in the main from my drawing, but gradually I found myself returning to where I had stopped in 1975.

My work concerns itself with picture making. I make use of pre-existing sources, often referencing art history, history and literature. These references are conscious, but often in the process of working, subconscious.

From an early age I drew (as a child it was my way of coming to terms with the world around me) becoming fascinated and often excited by images in comics and films. I usually returned home from the cinema and would commence drawing (some of my earliest memories are of visits to the cinema). This fascination has stayed with me throughout my life. As I grew older, images and ideas encountered in literature, art and history engaged me.

Often I find images are encountered accidentally and will be the starting point of a picture, or an image will be so strong that it has to be the starting point now or later. At other times images will be “found” while a work is in progress — is this accident, coincidence, or meant to be? Somehow certain images, references and ideas find their way into my work. How these are used and combined with media techniques is the stuff of my picture making.'

Born Bristol 1944.
Studied painting at Bath Academy of Art, 1968-1972 (Diploma in Art and Design, First Class Honours).
Westward TV Open Art Exhibition, 1971 (Non-Purchase Award).
Stowell's Trophy Exhibition, 1972 ICA (Non-Purchase Award).
Studied at Cardiff College of Art, 1972-1973 (Art Teacher Certificate).
Exhibited at various open exhibitions in Great Britain.
Exhibited by the Britsh Council, Odder, Denmark, 1975.
Work in Private and Public collections.
Taught in Special Education, 1974-2001.
Member of Bath Society of Artists.

Lynne Holehouse

Lynne is a Bude based figurative artist educated at Bower Ashton, Bristol, known by most for appearances on the TV show 'Watercolour Challenge' where she became a heat winner and finalist. Founder and co-owner of 'The Seventh Wave' gallery in Bude and formerly 'Cherry Art Centre', Bristol.

'If it were not for the support and encouragement of Lynne and Martyn then I'm not sure I would have had my current career as an artist. As owners of The Cherry Art Centre in Longwell Green, they were responsible for so much within the artistic community in the south west of England. Lynne is a great teacher, painter and mentor for many and most definitely myself. I am so pleased to present a work or hers, hand picked by myself, for our gallery.'
- Vincent Brown

Fran McGarry

Fran McGarry is a multi-award winning artist based in Bath. Working mainly in watercolour her work explores traditional themes and techniques.

SAA Finalist Artist of the Year 2005
SAA Amateur Artist of the Year Best Still Life 2009
SAA Artist of the Year Award Best Still Life 2012
SAA AMATUER Artist of the Year Best Professional Abstract & Experimental Art 2016
Bath Society Artists Ian Black Small Painting Prize 2009
SAA Best Front Cover Artist over 25 years.
RWA Encore Exhibition.
American Art Award 3rd Place Pop Art 2017
Feature Paint & Draw Magazine 2017

Mike Smith

Mike is based in Gloucestershire, England and studied art at Bath Academy of Art in Corsham. His paintings explore the traditional values of technique and skill in execution. Inspired by the classicists - Leighton, Godward and Alma Tadema. He uses light on the figure to enhance the natural form of the model. Deep shadows dramatise the atmosphere of the moment and accentuate the detail in contrasting textures of flesh and textiles. It is always important that the models in my paintings are believable, although they may appear in a dream like or theatrical setting.

'I was portering for The Bath Society of Artists when Mike delivered his work for the open exhibition. His painting won the Peoples Choice award that year and it was easy to see why. An exceptional Hurdy-gurdy musician as well as a fabulous painter it is an honour to present his work.'
- Vincent Brown

Jessie Woodward

Jessie is based a Bristol based artist and studied joint honours Fine Art/Art History at University of Plymouth. Jessie has always been fascinated by abstraction with the concept of spontaneity, forming the basis of her work, experimenting with the mixing of fluorescent paints, glitter and drawing materials to explore and enjoy the vibrancy of colour and texture. Improvising in response to the dynamics created when colours in different marks, textures and ratios are set with and against each other.

If you would like to exhibit your work with us then please email with a small selection of available work only along with a price list.
We will not sell digital or Giclee prints!



Private art classes are available on Saturdays at £26 per hour.

Monday 10:00am - 12:00pm Watercolour Set Project
Tuesday 6:00pm - 8:00pm Watercolour Set Project
Thursday 6:00pm - 8:00pm Paint, Draw or Sculpt with Guidance (Ages 10+)
Thursday Afternoons 12:00pm - 2:00pm Acrylic Class (Portraits and more)

Art classes are £11.oo per person per lesson and do not include materials but do include refreshments.
Art materials are available to purchase or you may bring you own.
To ensure a place please drop in and book in advance.
Class reservations are non refundable and non transferable!

All of our current art classes are taught by Artime co-founder Vincent Brown.

Vincent has been a professional artist since 2002 and has exhibited in major exhibitions including:
The BP Portrait Award (The National Portrait Gallery)
The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Twice as the Invited Artist (The Mall Galleries, London)
The Hunting Art Prize (The Royal College of Art, London)
The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolor
The Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition (London)
Cork Street Open Exhibition (Cork Street London)

Vincent's paintings have won many awards including:
The Holburne Portrait Prize
The Best Painting Award (The Royal West of England Academy of Art)
Twice winner of The Excellence in Watercolour Award (RWA Autumn Exhibition)
St. Cuthberts Mill Watercolour Award (Victoria Gallery, Bath)
Peoples Choice Award (Bath Society of Artists)



We are open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am to 5pm.
Also Tuesday and Wednesday 10am to 2pm.
Tuesday and Thursday we are also open for business during our 6pm till 8pm art classes!

Artime 58 High Street, Hanham, Bristol. BS15 3DR

Telephone: 07398 336085

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